Library Podcasting Resources

These resources provide information about podcasting in the library world.


Articles (linked articles freely available online)


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Podcasting Libraries

Library Success Wiki: Podcasting



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Training Materials (samples of podcasting training materials from various libraries)

San Mateo (CA) County Library Guide To Podcasting (Word Document)*

How To Record A Podcast (San Mateo County Library - Word Document)*

Legal, Copyright, and Podsafe Content Issues (San Mateo County Library - Word Document)*


*Feel free to use and modify with attribution to Sarah Houghton-Jan and the San Mateo (CA) County Library.


Web Resources

David Lee King- LIS blog with heavy podcasting/ videocasting content

David's Random Stuff- LIS blog with heavy podcasting content

LibCasting - LIS blog covering screencasting and related topics.

Open Stacks- LIS blog with heavy podcasting content. (2/19/07 - no longer very active but a great archive of podcasting content!)

Podcasting @ Educause

Thompson-Peterson's Edufeeds - Podcasts

Thompson-Peterson's Syndication for Higher Ed